We ❤ our Environment.

Vintage Belle commits to meet all environmental rules and regulations. We strive to protect our environment through sound management and decisions.

We ensure that we recycle as many materials as possible and reuse items in store such as cardboard and bubble wrap.

Boxes and Cardboard-

Our new boxes that we use range from 60% to 90% recycled content and are FSC certified as made using materials from a well managed forest or recycled resources.

All of our boxes are vegan friendly

Our corrugated card is made from recycled paper and is recyclable.

Our internal packaging for the Garden Stoneware orders is shredded used cardboard, which can then be recycled once the order has been received.

If we receive deliveries in good sturdy boxes we reuse these for orders.

Bubble Wrap

Our bubble wrap is mono bubble and is simply made from one sort of plastic PE and therefore easy to recycle, however, this is dependent upon local councils recycling guidelines so to find out more please check with your local council.

We hope all of our customers recycle or reuse the packaging we have dispatched with their order.